Dallas sports newscaster slams NFL homophobic hypocrisy against Michael Sam

Dallas sports newscaster Dale Hansen has made quite the viral splash with a fierce and astute commentary on hypocrisy in football.

In his Dale Hansen Unplugged segment, Hansen commented on the reaction to Missouri defensive end Michael Sam's public coming out as gay on February 9.

In response to NFL officials saying that Sam's announcement would hurt his chances in the NFL draft because it would make players uncomfortable and the locker room is a "man's world", Hansen criticized them.

He pointed out that players who are murderers, rapists, physically abusive to women, have DUI charges, or use drugs or hire prostitutes, are accepted but a man who loves another man is not.

Jon Stewart made almost identical observations in his commentary on The Daily Show, adding that players who have used racist slurs or killed dogs are NFL material.  

The Canadian Football League fined two players, Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Bryant Turner Jr. and Montreal Alouettes' Arland Bruce, on February 11 for making inappropriate comments on social media about Michael Sam.

Coming out and acceptance is only the first step though. The reality is that conditions in locker rooms are improving but are still unsafe, as former NFL veteran Esera Tuaolo, who came out after retiring from professional football, has pointed out.

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