Homeless in Vancouver: Not the rainbow I hoped for but it'll do

On my way in the to bottle depot at Ontario Street and East 7th Avenue, I deliberately ended up at  West 12th Avenue and Cambie Street—on the south side of Vancouver City Hall.

Previously I snapped a photo of the giant Canadian flag on the north side of the hall.

Today I wanted to photograph the Pride flag flying in front, as reported in yesterday’s item in the Province on a grumbling B.C. Pavilion Corporation agreeing to occasionally light Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia:

“At Vancouver City Hall, a large Canadian flag is displayed on the north side of the building, while a Pride flag is flying in front of city hall to support LGBTQ rights in the face of Russia’s anti-gay laws.”

I saw several Canadian flags and two provincial flags but I didn’t see a Pride flag. I was looking on the south side of city hall, specifically for a rainbow flag. I might’ve just missed it. I’ll look again tomorrow, Saturday (February 15)—National Flag of Canada Day.

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