Ted Nugent isn't going to win many women's votes for gun-loving Texas Republican Greg Abbott

The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, has been outed as a misogynist by the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America.

In a Valentine's Day article, researcher Timothy Johnson cites 10 instances in the past by the heavy-metal axeman.

Nugent has made a name for himself in right-wing circles, most recently by supporting Texan Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Nugent will make two appearances on Tuesday (February 18) on behalf Abbott, a director of the widely loathed National Rifle Association.

The most notorious Nugent outburst came when he characterized Hillary Clinton as a "worthless bitch" during one of his concerts.

Nugent also called California Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein a "worthless whore" and declared that another California Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer, should "suck on [his] machine gun".

Nugent was also widely condemned for his 2007 album Love Grenade, which featured a bound naked woman.

Johnson pointed out that it made the Houston Press's list of the 10 most tasteless album covers.

You can read about the rest of Nugent's misogynistic history on the Media Matters for America website.

Warning: this isn't for children.

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This inbred dick wad is as boring as his schlocky, has been music. Just disappear already. And take Beiber with you!
Rating: +4
OMG. As a fan of his music in the '70s, I had not paid attention to his diatribe for 30 years when we went to his concert at Red Robinson Theatre a couple of years ago. The audience was alarming; a sea of white male supremacists in camo or skinheads in black leather, just ready for a fight. We ran out early! before the He insulted our country (I'll hunt on Sunday or whenever the f*&k I want to-also showing his ignorance, that's not the law) and the show was more of a show of his hunting/killing skills. Too bad he has no brain skills to back that up. Agree - just disappear already.
Rating: +7
abortion Barbie loses by 25 points.
Rating: -7
Jamie Herda
He has this woman's vote and anyone else can kiss my ass.
Rating: -6
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