2014 Canadian Videogame Awards delayed until November

The fifth annual Canadian Videogame Awards, originally planned for April, have been rescheduled for November 21, 2014. The awards will still take place in Toronto. The first four events were held in Vancouver.

The date was changed to allow for more time for “production and promotional attention” said organizers in a release dated Friday, February 14. The November date also aligns with the annual holiday marketing push made by the video-game industry.

The six month delay means that there will be two sets of awards handed out at the ceremony on November 21: Games published in 2013 and games published in 2014. 

Victor Lucas, co-host and executive producer of The Electric Playground and a co-producer of the CVAs, said that he was excited about the shift. “It’s going to be an amazing ceremony and I can’t wait to help honour Canada’s incredibly talented game community,” said Lucas in the release. 

Co-producer Greg Spievak, CEO of Reboot Communications, said, “This move is going to facilitate growth for the awards in years to come and strengthen this strategic pillar for the Canadian video game industry.”

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