Pee-wee Herman cancels Vancouver appearance scheduled for NorthWest Comedy Fest

What was hyped as a Pee-wee Herman comeback has encountered a bit of a hiccup, or flu, to be more accurate.

The comedian known to friends and family as Paul Reubens was scheduled to host an evening of entertainment as part of the NorthWest Comedy Fest at the Orpheum Theatre this Thursday, February 20.

However, according to a festival media release sent out today (February 18), the show has been cancelled on account of Pee-wee suffering a “case of the flu” and being advised not to travel.

Organizers have moved the event titled “Best of the Fest” to the Vancouver Playhouse.

Performers still scheduled to take part include Dave Foley, Bobby Lee, Matt Braunger, Phil Hanley, Katie Crown, Ivan Decker, and MC Graham Clark.

Ticket refunds are available at points of purchase. Inquiries are being directed to Northern Tickets at or 604.569.1144.

The inaugural run for the NorthWest Comedy Fest continues until through to February 22.

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Rod Grim
I want a Refund ... simple ...
Rating: -4
gamey clod
Does anybody really buy the flu excuse? It was pretty obvious ticket sales were tanking once the deep discounts started coming. The Pee-Wee nostalgics can't come up with that kind of dough from their barista Mcjobs.
Rating: +3
alls i know is that if there's not at least 5 inapprorpiate 'flu' jokes from every comedian 2nite, i will be royally pissed!
Rating: -8
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