Amanda Palmer plans “awesome” ninja gig tonight in Vancouver

Did you know that Amanda Fucking Palmer is in town?

She's speaking at Vancouver's TED conference today (March 19) as part of an All-Stars session. But since you didn't pay the $7,500 TED2014 ticket price, you won't be there.

Lucky for you, the crowd-sourcing cabaret-punk singer-songwriter has announced she's putting on an all-ages "ninja gig" tonight, and admission is by donation.

Here's the deets for the short-notice show from Palmer's blog:

TED, if you know much about it, is super fucking organized, and there’s very little realtime cross-over with the people here in TED-land and the population of Vancouver.
let us crush the fence.

i tweeted a few days ago and the historic VOGUE THEATRE had no shows booked and very VERY generously offered us the keys to their space (so to speak) – this shit is ON!!! the place fits about 1100 people – first-come first-served…they’re located at 918 granville street (click here for google maps)

the show is 100% PAY WHAT YOU WANT but with a SUGGESTED DONATION OF $10 to $20 which’ll go to the vancouver food bank (@VanFoodBank). we will pass the hat / have a collection for ‘em

we will start letting people in at around 8:45/9pm and go till around midnight.

Bonus: it sounds like TED2014 speaker and overexposed astronaut Chris Hadfield is going to be there with his guitar.

Palmer writes:

MANY WEIRD SPECIAL GUESTS. my goal was to rope in a handful of scientists and other bizarro TED-speakers…as it currently stands, i have at least one geoff berner, one bora yoon, one famous harvard professor, and one astronaut who plays guitar. THERE MAY BE BRAINS.

i mean…this is going to be awesome.


Who's going? The hashtag is #NINJAvan.

Until then, here's Palmer's past TED talk ("The art of asking"):

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Ooo, I'm Amanda Palmer, I can just ask for things and they come to me because I'm a quirky white woman.
Rating: +494
Miranda Nelson
Only 49 minutes before someone came along to shit on a fun thing happening in Vancouver. NEW RECORD!
Rating: +7
It sounds like it's going to be a bum rushed gong show. I hope the theatre employees are getting paid, and that she has the money to cover possible damage to the theatre. If you want to act like a street performer, perform on the street. Or at red gate or something.
Rating: -17
fancy pants
Amanda Palmer, now working on making TED all about her!!! Yerp, the astronaut has agreed to work for free hugs.
Rating: -12
Cool, I wanted to ask her if I could stay with her and Gaiman while they're in town.
Rating: +376
Geoff Berner
is king and a seriously fine mind. Go for Geoff! (We were in kindergarten together and laughed the entire year. My first memory of Geoff is laughing with him). Wish I was in the city tonight. Love, Rache
Rating: 0
WTF is wrong with her eyebrows?
Rating: +9
Jon and then
Overexposed? - rude when they don't need to be, informative just as much as they have to be.
Rating: -3
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