Homeless in Vancouver: Cruelty to balloon animals

In the Fairview neighbourhood, binners need to be prepared for anything—and it never hurts to wear gloves.

In one block of an alley yesterday, a Dumpster contained a sizable strata of sex toys and the very next container bin was topped up with balloon animals.

The only real shock was that I found the balloon animals far more “obscene” looking than the array of tasteful, all-black sex toys.

In fairness, I admit the balloon sword probably tipped the scale.

For the above photo I cheated. I garnished the container bin of balloon animals with two of the toys from the Dumpster.

I left out any of the array of electrical devices that looked vaguely like free-standing Wi-Fi antennae, but which I understood were all—in their special ways—plug-in devices.

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