3:01 Pick Me Up: BESTiE

Let’s face it: 3 p.m. is the cruellest time of the workday. The morning latte has worn off, and the post-lunch crash has you staggering around like an extra from a George A. Romero flick. That’s why, each weekday at 3:01 p.m., we present you with a video hand-picked to kick-start your heart.

Today’s offering: Okay, seriously? Where the hell does BESTiE find the girls it puts in its videos? Because this is getting ridiculous. First it was the video for "Pineapple". And now it's the Vancouver band's new one, for the song "Foolish Hearts". Another fantastic pop tune, and another video populated by the most outrageous parade of hotties this side of...well, I don't know where. And that's the problem. Sigh.

Help me, BESTiE. Guide me. Show me the way to this hidden bounty of beauties.

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Dick Whitman
Hoorah. Boners. Music means nothing to me. Thanks Georgia Straight!
Rating: -3
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