Girl forgets the Fight Club rule about looking out for a flying shovel

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      The first rule of Fight Club is of course that there’s no talking about Fight Club.

      The first rule of Fight Club—at least the Southern trash version—is that you pet a bunch of chickens in a chicken coop, politely set out the rules for an (admittedly kind of sad) round of fisticuffs, and then look the hell out when someone reaches for a gardening tool.

      The money shot is at 6:20 for those who should technically be working, but want something tragi-comic to watch while munching on a vending machine Kit Kat bar.

      As for the rest of the clip, it’s strictly for those who actually looked forward to the announcement that two kids would be fighting behind the dumpster at 3:10. As, of course, part of the school’s unofficial Fight Club.