Non-Partisan Association turns to crowdfunding for election campaign

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      One of Vancouver's political parties is hoping that people will support its election effort much as they do indie music albums, documentaries, and video games.

      The Non-Partisan Association has just launched a crowdfunding campaign, seeking $250,000 in donations. The "party of angry old white men"—as Gregor "Mayor Moonbeam" Roberston recently branded it—has picked FundRazr, a crowdfunding site owned by Vancouver-based ConnectionPoint Systems, to host the campaign.

      On its FundRazr page, the NPA states:

      We have been told that we are up against "Goliath" with his 22 person City Hall communications department and $25,000 a seat luncheons. However, we believe in the "David's" of the world. Because we know that together the NPA and the people of Vancouver can make a difference - we have proven this time and again for the last 77 years.

      We are asking YOU, the people of Vancouver, to donate to the 2014 NPA Campaign and #VoteNPA. Whether you choose to donate $1 or $100, your valued contribution will be put towards spreading the message to Vancouver that we do have a choice and that choice is the NPA.

      You can post comments, donate anonymously or privately, share with the community why you are donating, let us know what is important to YOU.

      The NPA's FundRazr campaign ends on November 15, the date of the municipal election.

      At time of writing, the NPA—which is holding a campaign launch party and fundraiser tonight (May 7) at the Vancouver Convention Centre—had raised $132 from four contributors on FundRazr.

      During the 2011 election campaign, the NPA raised $2.6 million in donations.


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      May 7, 2014 at 11:54pm

      With about $800,000 of last go's donations coming from a single donor if I recall.

      Sarah B

      May 8, 2014 at 9:22am

      This is so hilarious. Is it for real? Nobody with any political experience could have approved this - could they? The text is....well, obviously they need the money to hire someone who can spell "Davids". Oh man - the NPA as the David. This is too much. Why doesn't Vancouver have a weekly satirical news show? We need one.