Mashup proves even a common ape can write a great song

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      The general consensus is that every rock band needs at least one great lyricist. Someone the calibre of, you know, Jon Bon Jovi (“My heart is like an open highway/Like Frankie said, ‘I did it my way’”). Or Paul Stanley (“Baby, let’s put the X in sex/Love’s like a muscle, and you make me wanna flex”). Or Neil Peart (“I stand atop a spiral stair/An oracle confronts me there”).

      As the immaculately constructed mashup below from the folks at the CBC proves, however, no one needs to be able to write lyrics as great as the ones to Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie”. Turns out that all you really have to do is be able to make sounds, something even the common ape is capable of. Like “na-na-na-na-na/na-na-na-na-na”.

      Eat your heart out Ella Fitzgerald.