Photos: Thousands reject pipelines at the #NoEnbridge rally in Vancouver

Today (May 10) thousands of people gathered at Sunset Beach in Vancouver’s West End for a #NoEnbridge Pipeline Rally.

On stage at the event, ForestEthics Advocacy campaigner Ben West told the crowd he thought it was the biggest protest against oil pipelines he had ever seen in Vancouver.

A number of politicians from all three levels of government made speeches and joined attendees in chants. They called for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and B.C. Premier Christy Clark to drop their plan to build the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline from the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta to a port at Kitimat, from where it will be shipped overseas.

The federal government is scheduled to make a final decision on the pipeline in June.

Here’s a selection of photographs from the afternoon.

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Wasn't there but agree costs outweigh benefits. Benefits basically boil down to a few more shoppers looking to unload a wad of cash for a new luxury boat.
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Human Scale
Lots of renewable technology in action at this rally. There were a bunch of electric cars and electric bikes. There was even a huge valet bike parking area which reached maximum occupancy. The dude on the electric skateboard seemed to be having a good time.

Whatever the naysayers will think, this was a fun example of sustainable practices in action.
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T-bone Stallone
Is it just me, or did David get veneers and a coif?
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This is why Vancouver is completely ignored by the federal government. Vancouver - and unimportant lefty backwater.
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You call yourself T-Bone Stallone
and suggest someone who has a haircut is vain?

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It looks like an NDP love-in!
If you think Vision Vancouver and the NDP would tackle climate change (assuming they had the opportunity) you're really kidding yourself! Back yard recycles and bicycles are simply window dressing. Much more fundamental would be free universal mass transit, which would be a huge incentive to get out of cars, but neither party would even consider it. Ultimately capitalism is to blame for the looming eco-catastrophe, and neither party is even interested in slowing Capitalism down, let alone stopping it.
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To gregg: that one thumbs up you got was a glitch; when I gave you a thumbs down, the page just decided to even it out for some inexplicable reason. After all, no actual person would believe what you're stating there.
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Free Mass Transit!
Yes thanks for mentioning that. The cities in our neck of the woods who have tried free mass transit seem to very satisfied with their decision. I imagine it would work wonders for employment and our regional economy. But then again,I'm not a used car salesman.
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@It looks like an NDP love-in!
The eco-catastrophe is not looming, it is here. Calling it looming is a way to pretend that we could solve it if we wanted to. We can't. The biggest eco (which comes from the Greek oikos, meaning home) catastrophe is one that dates from the Crimean War, well over a century ago: the voluntary incorporation of companies that do not serve a public purpose. In retrospect, we can now see that this has utterly destroyed the planet. Does anyone think we could reverse this decision?

And that's a decision that deals only in artificiality---not one of cleaning up the acidifying oceans, the atmosphere, etc. IF we cannot even fix problems that have to do with artifice, what hope have we of fixing natural problems?

And this leads to the frightening view, at least it frightens me, that if there is no solution, why bother? If you're alive today, about all you can do is not have children. That won't fix any problems, but it will mean one less problem.
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Sadly, I think Gregg is an accurate window into the PetroCon party. Why do you think they closed the Kits coast guard station? They're perfectly willing to kill a few of us in petty revenge for our voting patterns here.
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I agree with Gregg.
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Sarah B
Too many politicians. Next time rent a bulldozer and give practical lessons in preventing one from working.

And no one has mentioned the super well attended counter protest on the beach! Ezra Levant covered it extensively though, so that's probably okay.
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Lois Larose
Ya gotta love that ezra and the way he insanely twists the truth lmfao......I heard there were 6 of them
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