Kiteboarding launch zone comes to Spanish Banks Extension

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      For a while now, kiteboarders have been using the west end of Spanish Banks Beach

      Now they have the blessing of the Vancouver park board in the form of a one-year pilot project at Spanish Banks Extension.

      A special launch zone, requested by the Squamish Windsports Society, has been established at the beach.

      “Kiteboarding is gaining popularity worldwide and the Vancouver Park Board encourages a diverse range of sports,” Vision Vancouver park board commissioner Sarah Blyth said in a news release today (May 12). “Spanish Banks Extension is one of the best places to go kiteboarding when conditions are optimal, which is about eight or 10 times a summer.”

      In May 2013, the park board voted to look into the "feasibility of creating a public area at Spanish Banks from which kite surfers could safely launch".

      Other local kiteboarding spots include Boundary Bay and Howe Sound.

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