Cat lover Billy Corgan shows off his kitties on the cover of PAWS Chicago

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      Oh dear. Or should I say, holy cats.

      Former alt-rock icon turned unapologetic kitty snuggler Billy Corgan appears on the cover of this month's Paws Chicago magazine (it's a real thing) holding a pair of black cats—and it is possibly my most favourite picture of anything ever.

      When I first saw this cover yesterday, I had a million thoughts. Like, "why did they use the headline 'Billy Corgan's Siamese Dream' when those are obviously not siamese cats?" and, "this is the greatest Photoshop of all time".

      It wasn't until this morning that I realized a) this is from May 2014 and b) this is a real cover.

      It is encouraging to learn that Corgan actually does know how to smile.

      Corgan adopted the two kitties he's holding—Sammi and Mr. Thom—from PAWS Chicago 10 years ago and has raised thousands of dollars for the no-kill organization over the years. 

      But, obviously this photo's greatest legacy will be tweets like this:

      Read the whole adorable and thoughtful interview here.