On the Gaydar: Uganda vs. Canada, Against Me! vs. Arcade Fire

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      Here's a roundup of some LGBT headlines from around the world.

      Ugandans denied Canadian visas  Canada won't issue visitor visas to 10 Ugandan LGBT activists to attend the World Pride human rights conference in Toronto in June. The visas were rejected due to fears that the Ugandans would seek political asylum in Canada and because the applicants lacked travel history, had family ties in Canada and in Uganda, and had insufficient funds for the trip. Canadian gay rights activists and the Ugandan group are continuing to seek approval for their visas.

      Meanwhile, in the U.K., a Ugandan woman fears imprisonment for being a lesbian when she is deported back to Uganda on May 24. Her asylum claim was rejected.

      Uganda passed strict antigay legislation in December, with punishment of up to life imprisonment. Anyone can also be jailed for not reporting gay people. The promotion of homosexuality is also banned.

      New Brunswick rainbow flag flap  New Brunswick premier David Alward is defending his province's policy that prevented a Fredericton high school from flying a rainbow flag during Pride Week. The policy restricts flags being flown to the Acadian, provincial and Canadian flags, the Union Jack and the flags of visiting dignitaries. A petition from the school claims it has flown the rainbow flag for the past two years.

      Against Me! slams Arcade Fire trans video  Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace has criticized Arcade Fire's video "We Exist" for casting cisgender actor Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man), instead of a transgender actor, in the role of a trans woman. Grace came out as transgender in 2012. Against Me!'s album Transgender Dysphoria Blues was inspired by Grace's transition.

      Same-sex marriage legal in Oregon and Pennsylvania  Oregon joined the rest of the North American West Coast on May 19 when a judge struck down a voter-approved same-sex marriage prohibition in the state.

      On May 21, Pennsylvania became the 19th U.S. state to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

      North Dakota is the only state left not facing a lawsuit against its same-sex marriage stance. 

      Singapore rallies for LGBT acceptance  Over 40 LGBT Singaporeans and allies released a four-minute Pink Dot Singapore campaign video entitled "For Family, For Friends, For Love" to raise awareness for the sixth annual rally for LGBT acceptance (to be held on June 28).