Sasquatch 2014: Reunited Outkast proves they still got it

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      It was 12 years ago that Outkast last played together and the crowd at the main stage at 10:40 p.m. on Friday knew it. Granted the longest set time of any performance at the festival with 110 minutes, Andre 3000 and Big Boi spent little time getting things going, leading off with “Bombs Over Baghdad” to an ecstatic crowd. The duo, both in black with white hats (Big supporting the Chicago Bulls while Andre looked like a dolled-up Mario brother) then rolled into “Rosa Parks” before addressing the crowd for the first time. “We appreciate ya’ll,” Big Boi said. “When we started out we was 16 years old, you know. And we still got it.”

      Apparently having worked things out since a maligned first performance at Coachella, both guys looked like they wanted to be there, dancing and grooving to every song and working together like they’d never been apart. Andre, who takes more of the blame for the group having split apart wasn’t without his quirks—the shirt he wore stated “Everything is temporary” and he was sporting a giant tag that said “Sold out”—but he appeared game.

      “Lotta you in high school when we first rolled this,” said Big Boi, identifying the older crowd before the duo threw down "Ms. Jackson". They then took their own turns, with Boi rolling out “Ghettomusick” and “Kryptonite” before Andre came back out and rolled through with “She Lives in My Lap” and “Prototype”. “If you don’t get it done tonight,” Andre said, addressing the guys in the audience, “it’s your fault.” That little speech preluded “Hey Ya”, no question the night’s biggest party.

      Coming back together for a lively rendition of “Roses” and “So Fresh, So Clean”, Andre was literally doing pushups while rapping. Ending the set with a triumphant version of “The Whole World” that reminded everyone how much goddamn fun these guys can be, Outkast promised everyone in attendance an invitation to their birthday party later on this year. While that was surely bullshit, the duo worked hard to insure their performance wasn’t. For two artists that could easily have gone through the motions, credit Outkast for not doing that. Yes, they’re playing everywhere this year. Yes, you should go.