Sasquatch 2014: Cloud Control proves they're on the way to big things

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      When a band is on the Yeti Stage at Sasquatch, it’s common for its members to feel like they have something to prove. The fourth-largest stage at the festival usually draws a pretty small crowd, and the bands that play there want to show the people that attend that they made a good call. For Cloud Control, it was pretty apparent from the start that the quartet was intent on showing the fairly large crowd that they made the right choice.

      “We’re from Australia, we came all the way just to play right now,” said lead singer Alister Wright as bass player Jeremy Kelshaw chugged a Budweiser and the Aussies rolled into a set list that was light and fun. Throwing out crowd-pleasers like “Death Cloud” and “Promises”, the band charmed the crowd with their earnestness.

      “You guys are amazing. I had no idea what to expect coming all the way down into the wilderness here,” said Wright as all four members of the band played their collective hearts out like a kid at a band recital.

      Things slowed down a bit for “Meditation Song No.2” before “Gold Canary” was busted out to a massive sing-and-clap along. It’s common for bands to remark how great the experience at a concert was at the end of the set, and Cloud Control followed suit, but it didn’t feel at all fake. “This is one of the best festivals we have played,” Wright announced before throwing out the fan-friendly “There’s Nothing in the Water We Can’t Fight”.

      Getting the obvious and predictable encore, Cloud Control was able to walk off the Yeti Stage knowing that if they come back to Sasquatch anytime soon, it’ll be on a bigger stage.