Victoria Street Newz publishes its final issue

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      After a decade of publishing, Victoria's street newspaper has put out its last issue.

      The June issue of Victoria Street Newz features a cover story about the Site C dam project and articles on graffiti and the "truth" about 9/11.

      There's also a variety of farewell pieces, including one by C.L. Cook, which remarks:

      Ten years on, the Street Newz’s natural constituency is no more observed or commented upon by the city’s remnant press, (and sworn servants in government) than at the paper’s beginning. As the poorest of we are now inhabiting more frequently and in greater numbers the broadening cracks in the system, there is a greater need the Street Newz than ever. But, even the loudest voice means little in the land of the deaf.

      Founded in 2004 by Janine Bandcroft, its coordinator, Street Newz is sold on the streets of B.C.'s capital city by homeless and low-income vendors who pay 50 cents per copy.

      In mid June, those vendors will begin selling Megaphone. The Vancouver-based street paper is expanding to Victoria.