Illness forces Lady Gaga to postpone Vancouver and Seattle ArtRave shows

Lady Gaga has postponed her Vancouver concert previously scheduled for this Friday, May 30.

According to a brief statement emailed to media, the last-minute cancellation is the result of "severe bronchitis".

The American pop superstar was scheduled to perform at Rogers Arena for her current tour, ArtRave: The Artpop Ball.

A May 28 show planned for Seattle is also postponed.

Update: Lady Gaga's Vancouver show has been rescheduled for August 9 at Rogers Arena. The Seattle concert will not take place on August 8 at Key Arena.

Fans are instructed to retain their tickets. More information is available at  or

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I know friends and family who took a long ride plus 2 ferry rides to get there early. Sorry to hear about Ga ga but I do hope the hardcore Gaga fans that traveled far will get at least BACK STAGE Passes???
Rating: -18
upset mom
I know fans who flew in from Alaska just for the show. Seriously, hang on to your tickets little monsters... Was she expecting us to hang out in Seattle as well? Does she have any idea how much a roundtrip ticket costs from Alaska?
Rating: -18
Wise up
Maybe all the fans that flew in should spend their money on something important.

A life maybe??
Rating: +4
Melinda Payne
So disappointed...I was supposed to go with my mom and sister. My mom flew 2 provinces and arranged her entire visit around the concert since she is such a huge fan and has always wanted to see her. Now she will likely be unable to attend as she will be back in Saskatchewan and it would cast 500$+ to fly back for the rescheduled show. :(
Rating: -9
You cannot be serious Alaskan Mum! If she was able to perform, she would; it's the easiest solution by a long way. You should get back to your whale blubber and stop complaining!
Rating: -15
out at night
It's hilarious to read the remarks of those put out by the postponement. Seriously? Do you think a performer wants to cancel a show? Do you think La Gaga didn't exhaust every possible remedy before pulling the plug? Do you want mommy to kiss and make better? That's showbiz folks!
Rating: -10
Thats what you get if your walking around in a bikini all day every day....severe bronchitis! Ga the Ga should invest in a nice warm coat when on a huge tour with so much riding on fitness! Fashion over common sense?
Rating: -14
She is a human being you know! Next time you are sick and call into work i hope your boss calls you a loser too
Rating: +3
You people make it seem like she wanted to catch bronchitis. Give her a break I'm sure she feels just as awful as when she had to cancel her btw your. I'm sorry your flights were for no reason but that is no reason to blame her. And to "ho" bronchitis is from bacteria or virus infections As well as smoking. Get your facts straight before putting down someone's lifestyle.
Rating: -2
Poor GAGA! This should be a lesson to all you fans: spend your money wiser. Gaga is just not worth it. You came from Alaska and Saskatchewan? Well enjoy the city while you're here there are lot better things to do and places to see than GAGA jumping around looking like a clown.
Rating: -5
she gets better bronchitus is no fun
Rating: -1
edward hewitt
and of coarse its true Alaska is a hot venue ,lady G is doing her job taking the music to every corner of the earth. We know how stressful it can be, night after nite...
Rating: -5
So you are upset because she got sick and the show is postponed because you traveled. Well that was your choice, I'm sure she does everything she can not to get ill, but let's face it life on the road is not easy and she is subjected to sick fans. Had she done the show and couldn't sing or dance you'd be complaining about that. How about wishing sobriety well and understanding. We all have choices and take risks, flying in for a concert is a risk you took.
Rating: -6
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