Bike lanes make people corny

Did you know that Kitsilano's Temple of Lululemon is completely surrounded by separated bike lanes?

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Thomas Folkestone
Wow, bitter much, lady?

Spend half an hour at any corner and watch traffic - you'll get ten times as many traffic violations from cars as bikes.
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Sam M
What a stupid video.
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Stewy C
...and after all the disruption, ongoing traffic tie-ups and taxpayers $$$$$s, the only bike visible is the one filming the video.
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Eva S
Just got a $121 traffic ticket for turning right onto
Hornby for turning while the light was red. Turning
right on red is no longer allowed! I was completely stopped at the intersection, watching a crowd of approx 10 pedestrians with two strollers pass, watching that the bike lane was clear on both sides and then proceeded to turn right. NOT ALLOWED ON RED.
Turning there on a green light is fine. I need a computer in my head to scan all the signs, pedestrians, cyclists and cars and other before proceeding to make a simple right hand turn these days in Vancouver City.
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