Good Samaritan won't be leaving more hidden cash in Vancouver this weekend

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      It was great while it lasted.

      But this evening, the anonymous person who's been leaving $100 bills in envelopes around the city has announced that he or she is taking the weekend off.

      "That's it for today...all have been found," the person tweeted. "That's it for the weekend too -- enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and I'll see you next week!"

      The donor would post clues with photos on the @HiddenCashYVR Twitter feed, which led to a bunch of people scouring these locations for the lucky envelope.

      One lucky treasure hunter, Lisa Wallace, tweeted that it took her longer to figure out how to tweet than to find the cash in what's now known as Dude Chilling Park in Mount Pleasant.


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      Jun 1, 2014 at 3:06pm

      I am waiting for you to sprinkle some one ounce gold coins around

      Big deal

      Jun 1, 2014 at 3:49pm

      A hundred dollars in Vancouver is like finding a dollar in Toronto.

      One bag of groceries with some change back.


      Jun 1, 2014 at 9:53pm

      I came up with this idea as few years ago as something fun to do if I ever won the lottery. There was going to be $5,000 in a red lunch box, every week for a year. I was going to use twitter to place riddles to solve and visual clues - every day a correct answer would be part of the location. I was going to be filming from a nearby secret location and post footage of the winner finding the prize and doing a wee dance or whatever. I was going to stay completely anonymous throughout the proceedings.
      Then I thought...someone could get killed acting irresponsibly in racing to the prize location...the victims' family would sue and big money lawyers would be lining up to take my remaining net worth as the liable party responsible for the accidental death.

      There's so many cool ways to get rid of needless cash!