Homeless in Vancouver: Catch of the day

This afternoon I had a little run of luck.

First, the person driving the black Porsche Cayenne SUV didn’t back into me—I was thankful for that. Then, as I was trying to get as far away from her vehicle as quickly as I could, she called me back.

She was standing outside the vehicle so I risked a close approach.

She gave me a box of returnable containers she was keeping on board, for just such an occasion I guessed.

Homeless guys like me risk becoming misanthropic loners, disconnected from society.

These social interactions with non-homeless people help to keep me rooted and socialized—on the same page, as it were, with “normal people”.

And I learn about all kinds of developments I might otherwise miss.

Somehow I overlooked this trend in computers. But it should come as no surprise that by eliminating keyboards, the touchscreen iPad has opened up all sorts of new marketing opportunities for Apple.

I wonder if they still offer big product discounts if you’re in a school.

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she was bored with her rich lifestyle and looking for a date with a homeless man just for something kinky to do on a warm afternoon...
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Stanley Q Woodvine
@ maybe

It's happened but not this time.
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