Twitter idiots start leaving hidden beer, weed around Vancouver

It appears that the latest ridiculous overblown social media trend is people hiding things of value in public spaces, then sending cryptic tweets as to the object's location. 

It's like geocaching for people who don't know how to operate a GPS or like going for walks or using their brain. All you have to do is look at a Twitter account, recognize a place in a picture, and then rush there as soon as humanly possible in a greed-fuelled frenzy.

It all started with the San Francisco-based Hidden Cash, which deposited money in envelopes around the city.

The account's popularity led to scenes like this:

"Let's dig up a park for the promise of money!"
John Genovese/Twitter

Dozens upon dozens of copycats sprung up in response, including our own @HiddenCashVancouver.

Not content to let the money do all the humanitarian work, @HiddenBeer and @HiddenWeedYVR have starting leaving booze and pot laying around Vancouver.

And this is where I predictably get angry about the social irresponsibility of it all.

I hope someone checked these kids' IDs.
Justine Mora/Twitter

Have you ever seen a Black Friday stampede? That's what people will do for low prices on consumer goods. 

Now, think about what people will do for mere chance at getting free stuff (see above park-digging-up photo).

By hiding these things around town, you are not creating a fun surprise for someone. You are causing a potential panic as avaricious motherfuckers storm an area for "treasure".

Also, leaving weed and beer laying around where any child could find it is pretty much the stupidest, most irresponsible thing I could imagine. Not to mention that possession of marijuana without a license is still illegal in Canada and leaving it laying around could be considered trafficking.

I'm sure the people behind these accounts have nothing but the best intentions. But this is a trend that needs to stop before someone gets hurt.

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Chris T.
All true. While anything that spreads on social media is almost destined to have the expected, generic copycats...this is among the most stale of all of them. The viral appeal of these kinds of accounts will be gone by the end of the month.'s social media in 2014. The attention span of 98% of the people using it has pretty much sunk to zero.
Rating: +4
If leaving weed and beer laying around is the stupidest, most irresponsible thing you can imagine, might I humbly suggest that you strongly lack imagination?
Rating: +38
"Also, leaving weed and beer laying around where any child could find it is pretty much the stupidest, most irresponsible thing I could imagine."

Your hyperbole aside, apparently this point is not obvious to many. It was suggested to me on Twitter today that little kids "don't have Twitter" and "presumably aren't wandering alone DT".
Rating: +18
officer bong hoots
free chronic never hurt anyone
Rating: -8
This is the worst blog posting ever. I understand the marijuana concern but clearly the free beer guys are doing things properly. I don't know who's running your Twitter account but the way they've been tweeting and based on this post, I think I'll get my news elsewhere now.
Rating: -5
+1 for the never-before-seen phrase "avaricious motherfuckers"
Rating: +12
John Commenter
Haha the straight was founded in the 60s by people FAR more lunatic-ish than these two twitter accounts. They used to have recipies for drug blends and invitations to LSD parties in The Straight....the newspaper you now work for. Your job literally was created by bigger idiots than these guys. LOL. My has society gone square.
Rating: +26
"Unresponsibility"? I find your use of the English language the most IRresponsible thing I could imagine.
Rating: +13
Miranda Nelson
Thanks for the catch. It's very unresponsible of me not to use spell-check :)
Rating: -20
You make some good points, but there are bigger differences than just what's being left around for people to find. Anything that's wrong, bad and/or illegal will be (appropriately) shut down in due course.

I take a bit of exception about being lumped in with other, less responsible people. I had no idea this would blow up as big as it did, but having done so, I’m trying to manage it as responsibly as I can. I’ve made it a point not to leave envelopes where it’ll cause a stampede. Indeed, the hunts are mostly for people who are around and in the area, not to jump in their cars from 30 minutes away and screech to the treasure hunt.

You’ll notice the envelope I hid at Deer Lake was on concrete and I specifically told people not to trample the grass; it wasnt on or near the grass. It would be the height of irresponsibility to hide something anywhere that’d cause damage in the search. “This $100 is buried in a flower bed in QE Park!” – wouldn’t that be a good one.

No, the only grass near my recent envelope was on abandoned Arbutus Corridor rail lines next to a Big Brothers clothes drop-box, which I was delighted to see was taken advantage by a few of the treasure hunters.

This logic of “here’s a thing”→”here’s one or two examples of this thing being bad”→”all of these things are bad” – is flawed. And I have no idea how long people will be interested in this. I’ll keep doing it as long as they are. And when it’s time to move on, we’ll all move on.
Rating: +16
"+1 for the never-before-seen phrase "avaricious motherfuckers""

Rating: +1
Dedju Knowat
Miranada Nelson does not want there to be any magic in the world

There are an infinite number of ways for anything to go wrong. The easiest thing in the world is to say no.

I will not relent to reactionary critics like Miranda Nelson. What did Miranda Nelson not get to write today because of this magic in the world, what did we miss.

The next time a butterfly passes in front me of, I WILL extend my hand for it to land on my finger come what may pass... come what may
Rating: -9
Jennifer Wong
Here I thought the Georgia Straight was more of a Left Wing newspaper. Who let the right winger write this blog in this paper? Also whom is this person sleeping with to sneak their way in here. When did this newspaper become so un-cool and un hip so quickly? It used to be a hip trending newspaper that concentrated it's focus the arts and music. This commenter is the complete opposite of Savage love and the where the beginning of the Simpsons happened. This post is the exact opposite of a socially accepting fun loving artist and music loving left wing writers it used to have. Not very impressed to see this article here. I feel like I'm reading a blog from the Vancity Buzz people which only focused on sell real estate, hate for encouraging any physical activity like biking and suppressing social fun cause it lowers property value a .000001% Boooo
Rating: -11
Title ought to read " idiot contributor judging and assessing the actions of others"
Rating: +6
I'm sorry, did someone say free beer?

Did you also know there are parody accounts like @HiddenWombatYVR? At least some people know that it's all in good fun.
Rating: +4
... Miranda Nelson wrote into a newspaper that would be dumped all around Vancouver with the word FREE emblazoned on its front.
Rating: +9
...FREE newspapers chock full of SMUT on its backpage distributed near young children wandering alone.

...They could eat the page and choke on it, they could get a papercut, they could litter, they could start a fire. All the things that could go wrong

And still the heroic Miranda Nelson sees to it that the paper goes out on time because "[she's] an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”
Rating: +24
Yeesh when did the Straight become so puritanical? Oh wait, it was when Miranda Nelson wrote this article.
Rating: +8
uninformed publican
Hey gang! I hear Gregor Ribertson, Jim Chu, Penny Ballem, Catherine Evans and Sandra Singh are getting together to dig up a vulnerable 89 year old murdered woman's body - before the next election.
Rating: -8
@Miranda Nelson
Go responsibly enjoy some cigarettes, Miranda. Not in public, of course, children might see!
Rating: +3


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