How Mississippi diners respond to kissing gay couple

The ABC program What Would You Do? stages scenes of discrimination in public locations to see how bystanders (unaware that what they're watching is being portrayed by actors) will react.

They tackle everything from racism and sexism to weight issues.

They've also addressed a number of LGBT issues, and have tested how diners would react if they saw gay couples being discriminated against.

This time, they set the scene in Mississippi, and have a fellow patron express disgust at their public displays of affection.

While some of the reactions may seem predictable, the patrons who do stand up for the gay couple might surprise you.

Here's what happened in a previous episode when What Would You Do? staged a scene at a Texas diner in which a waitress (an actor) discriminated against same-sex parents.

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Homophobia in the southern US? Who'd a thunk it?
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There is no more homophobia in the southern us than there is in Vancouver.
Rating: +7
Alan Layton
I agree with 'cuz'. Although I have seen the odd brave gay couple holding hands in downtown Vancouver, it can be an invitation for rednecks to thump them. I can remember a few years ago one such couple getting their heads kicked in for holding hands, and worst of all it was on Davie St of all places!!
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