Homeless in Vancouver: Classic apartment building sells for $11 million

Vallejo Court at 1009 West 10th Avenue was sold in April for $11 million. That’s $268,000 for each of its 41 rental suites. Or…in the vicinity of $340 for every day it has existed.

The 87-year-old heritage apartment building on the southwest corner of West 10th Aveue and Oak Street in Vancouver's Fairview neighbourhood went on the market last year listed for $13 million.

The building was the one constant in my recent post "Oak Street 85 years ago and today" in which I time lapsed a current photo of the corner of Oak Street and West Broadway with one from 1929.

The wood frame, brick-clad, three-storey building was built in 1927. The lot is 12,500 square feet and is zoned RM-3.

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