Harper pipeline approval fuels No Enbridge rally tonight in Vancouver

A protest against the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. tonight (June 17) at the Vancouver CBC Regional Broadcast Centre at Hamilton and Georgia streets.

The demonstration will occur just hours after the oil sands (also known as tar sands) project received conditional approval from the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

According to an announcement posted on Facebook, speakers at the event will include Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chief, Carleen Thomas, and Cecilia Point of the Musqueam First Nation, among others.

“Time to fill the streets of Vancouver, and send Stephen Harper a message he cannot ignore,” states a message posted there. “B.C. says "NO" to the Enbridge pipeline!”

The Northern Gateway pipeline is planned to transport oil from tar sands across British Columbia to ships that will carry it to Asia. Twin pipelines will carry 525,000 barrels of diluted bitumen and 193,000 barrels of condensate per day between Bruderheim, Alberta, and Kitimat, B.C., where the oil will be loaded onto 220 tankers per year.

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Justin Credible
I hope every single protester arrives without the help of a vehicle, bus or bicycle with petroleum based rubber tires. And they better not use wireless devices manufactured by the same.
Rating: -67
The oil based society was in place before most of these protesters were born Justin. Using a product made from oil doesn't make a difference. The purpose is to lessen environmental impact by any means which means leaving a third of the worlds oil in the ground. Please do some research bitumen is not oil and can't and won't be cleaned up after a spill.
Rating: +51
morav same
so tired of these type of comments above, merely dismantling a positive move for change because of this puny petty argument.. what other choice do they have?
justin, that is just pure garbage..
Rating: +30
Mary C.
Justin: You point out the exact problem we are in. We are trapped in a situation where we have almost no choice. It is almost impossible to do any little thing in Canada without it having some connection to fossil fuels. Even the shoes on my feet that I wear to a protest required fossil fuels to construct. But that's not reason not to protest the pipeline. Stopping the pipeline is one step towards creating the kind of world where we AREN'T choiceless, where we use green sources of energy, and where we meet our daily needs without harming the environment.
Rating: +42
Yes Justin, because objecting to the expansion of the dirtiest kind of oil production, is the same as saying it should be eliminated tomorrow, right?


Hey, you're breathing, right? I hope every single tar sands support holds their breath for the duration of this debate. After all, you're breathing with the help of the natural environment.
Rating: +34
Youuare justaverage
I bet if they were running a pipeline through your backyard you'd be singing a different tune and just because nazi scientists gave us the space program doesn't mean we have to keep using nazi scientists.
Rating: +8
Hey justin guess what?

I walked to the seabus (it is fueled by oil) then walked to the rally. Sang and clapped and chanted and cried. Than walked home. I walk everyday because that is how I get around. But guess what? The foods I eat to energize and fuel my body are from sugars, proteins and fats from foods transported into the city (driven by oil) they were broken down plant materials that were likely fertilized with petroleum based fertilizers and harvested by gas fueled machines. I am conscientious of my life choices and their impacts on my planet. I am accountable as both a consumer and a citizen and that is way, when faced with the prospect of increasing my dependence on a dirty inefficient fuel source I feel inclined to get up and out and say something about it. What you are doing justin is counter to where progress in the world is moving. That is away from oil, and towards clean, renewable and responsible energy systems. Protesters are not the ignorant ones.
Rating: +20
Jakub Markiewicz
Rating: -1
Don't worry about the crybabies Justin. Mary C says "We are trapped in a situation where we have almost no choice". Ha-ha. If she and her friends really cared, they would realize they do have a choice - they are just to afraid to make the choice. Basically, they want to have it both ways.
Rating: -7
Did millions turn out?
Or was it another event where they couldn't come close to 4 figures in the turnout!? What percentage of protesters are getting some form of handout from the government? Do they know how their pogey, welfare, educational subsidies and public sector salaries are funded? Unless there is "wealth creation" there will be no money for the system, and even though many protesters are staunchly anti-capitalist they have got an alternative medium of exchange in mind. They would, of course, tax "the rich" but when the NDP were last in power the bar for "the rich" was set around $70,000: higher than welfare or art grad wages but near the starting salary for many people.

I support the pipeline because looking around I see the parasites on society. Those in legitimate need get little and the lazy or stupid take the lions share of welfare & pogey. I support the pipeline because I am sick of the money I earn being earmarked for people who's only problem is their entitlement conditioning. I support the pipeline because 80% of the money spent by the. Province on social programs comes from resource extraction of one form or another: without that money the protesters would be starving and there would be no services.

If you oppose resource exploitation that is your right but don't be an ostrich or a hypocrite: refuse government services derived from the resource related work of others. Take a stand against "dirty money" rather than protesting pipelines at 9AM before going to demand more public spending at 10AM. Setup your own "collective" independent of the evil capitalist economy and set an example for the world. Don't forget to leave your electronic devices behind, they are chock full of conflict minerals and their production pollutes the air, soil and water. Don't worry though because I am certain a hemp farm could sustain life indefinitely, it is a miracle weed after all.

Rating: -4
Hey "cuz", are you still breathing?

Haven't you made your choice yet?
Rating: +5
@"Did millions turn out?"

The total contribution to BC's GDP from the petro and mining sectors is 3.5%.

The contribution to GDP growth from the tar sands outside of Alberta is around 0.1% (according to the IMF).

So, you're lying. It just doesn't matter that much to the economy.

" I support the pipeline because 80% of the money spent by the. Province on social programs comes from resource extraction of one form or another: "

FALSE. For BC about 10% of government revenues are from "natural resources", and half of that is from forestry.

And the trend for oil consumption is down. We're weaning outselves off. Why do you think the pipelines go to ports?

The whole idea that Canada's "prosperity" is dependent on Alberta's oil industry is a massive LIE. One they hammer into Canadians over and over - but it's still a lie. One of the biggest lies they've ever sold to us, pushed so hard even many greenies half believe it.

It's not very important to the economy outside of Alberta.
Rating: +8
@ Did millions turn out?

Are you serious? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN to a protest rally? do you know who participates???!!!

It's hard working, EDUCATED people!!! We showed up AFTER WORK! "parasites on society"??? no we are just the ones who aren't brainwashed by the mainstream media and distracted by celebrities and capitalistic bling.

I am sending you love because you @didmillionsshowup must live in a dark hole, and need love to open your eyes.
Rating: -5
"Paddy says "Using a product made from oil doesn't make a difference". Well, which is it. My point about Mary C's comment about "being trapped in a situation where we have almost no choice" is that a lot of people want to live in the industrial society, but they don't want to accept responsibility for their part in using the resources to support that society. If they really cared, they could buy electric cars, they could wear shoes made of non petroleum products - clothes too, they could grow their own food (it takes petroleum to get food to the market. The list of "choices" people could make if they really believed what they say they believe is endless. But those are HARD choices and obviously most people don't want to make those choices. So keep your itoys stuck in your ears and accept your responsibility - or quit yelling. Especially you Bruce - your arguments are childish!
Rating: -8

This is a chart for north american oil consumption by year:


It shows that peak consumption was in 2005, and it has declined by 8% since.

Vehicle miles traveled per person per year, for the USA. The numbers are similar for Canada. Also on a strong downward trend since 2005:


Do you get the picture?

The argument that people are irresponsible or somehow hypocritical to protest pipelines and tar sands expansion is garbage.

We are, in fact, reducing our consumption. But if the oil we do not consume is simply shipped offshore to burn elsewhere, our conservation is meaningless.

And you know that. Which makes your arguments dishonest.
Rating: -3
Mary C.
Hi cuz. I am doing what I can. I definitely want to live in a cleaner world, and I try to be as green as I can day to day. I'm definitely not perfect, but I do grow a bit of my own food, and buy locally. I donate to and volunteer for the Green Party of Canada. I preserve local summer foods in order to eat locally during winter. I only buy second hand clothes, except for shoes. I am halfway to eliminating plastic from my life, I cycle and use public transit exclusively, and I don't fly. That's what I do. Its definitely not everything. I make $19/hour, which is really decent for me, but its not going to buy me an electric car any time soon :) The thing is, household consumption can only make so big of an impact. I really expect my government to show initiative when it comes to the environment. I am prepared for a transition to renewable technology infrastructure -even if it means some difficult/unusual transitional years. If the government and industry clean up their act, it will make it SO much easier for citizens to do so.
Rating: -2
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