Finding a practical use for cats: Object holders

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      Finally, someone has found a practical use for those little creatures that live in our homes and do nothing but eat, sleep, sleep, and sleep.

      No, not kids, but cats.

      Don't know where to put that empty instant noodle cup? Have a piece of watermelon rind you don't know where to put down? Have some misshapen fruit you need to store somewhere?

      All of these things can be placed on top of a cat's head or paws.

      Shirone Koshiro has uploaded a series of instructional videos that demonstrate how cats can be used to hold various objects.

      The following educational video is 12 minutes long and becomes increasingly inventive as it continues. (There's quite a large number of examples of objects. Clearly the owner has a lot of objects to store.)

      In fact, objects can even be placed in aesthetically pleasing arrangements, such as a pyramid of mandarin oranges.

      Quite handily, cats can also be used as their own food storage units.

      (Those are some pretty sleepy, and tolerant, cats.)