Vancouver gasoline prices reach all-time record

Today is just the first day of summer, but already the retail price of gasoline has reached its highest level ever in Vancouver.

At most gas stations, the price was $1.559 per litre across the city, according to

Prices were more than a dime lower per litre in Aldergrove and Langley, which are closer to the U.S. border.

Traditionally, prices rise in the summer driving season.

According to a historical chart on the website, we're now at a record price for retail gasoline.

The recent price rise has been blamed on turmoil in the Middle East, where a Sunni extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has seized control of northwestern Iraq.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil is trading at $107.26, which is well below the record level of $145.31 reached in the summer of 2008.

That record high for crude oil was blamed by former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin for the subsequent meltdown of the global economy in late September and October of the same year.

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We're suckers
Gas prices at the pump are completely arbitrary. They price it however they want and we pay it, it's that simple. Do you remember price wars back in the 80s and 90s? When is the last time that took place? When is the last time a decrease of more than 3 cents took place?

Gas in Venezuela right now is TWELVE CENTS per GALLON. We vote more powerfully with our pocketbooks than we ever can at the ballots. Declining demand will be the only thing that drives gas prices down, but people sure like their cars so we'll continue to pay whatever they ask of us.
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Dave K.
Get an EV. My Nissan Leaf is great for BC and costs about $1.50 per 100km of city driving. that's like getting 1L/100KM with todays prices. Used leafs can be had for 20k.
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Cheap Yamaha
Get an old motorcycle. Get your license and learn how to ride.

A Yamaha or Honda from the 90's or even the 80's well maintained will run for many more years.

Case in point: My Yamaha XV750 (1984) not only runs average cost of fuel is about $10 PER WEEK.

For commuting to work, and even some weekend leisure.

I understand that for the family man this may not seem ideal. But hey--paradigm shift, and it can happen!

Trust me, I know.
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There is no ceiling on energy prices.
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Earl Richards
To avoid the big Oil gasoline price rip-off, plug your Tesla S electric car into your household, solar array. Google and read the "Global Oil Scam" by Phil Davis. British Columbia is a victim of this scam.
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I have a Ford hybrid. It get's 6.5 ltr/100 km and plenty of HP. I can't imagine using an EV yet as the infrastructure isn't there yet to allow me to leave the GVRD. Kamloops would be an impossibility.
Of course the gas prices are arbitrarily set. There is always an excuse to raise the price when vacation time comes or even weekends for that matter. It's amzing how that works huh.
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Parking the car, taking the insurance off and riding my trusty bike Lulu.
By doing this along with the occasional transit ticket I save over $300 a month.

This means i can donate to fighting pipelines, shop at farmers markets & support the farmers, have the occasional great meal out and most importantly slow down & enjoy life.
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Harry Annis
We have our own oil ,make our own gas.Gas goes bad if it is not sold.Higher the price of gas the lower the volume of gas is sold.Oil is still produced at the same volume in Alberta.high gas prices may be punishment for disagreeing with pipelines through BC.Stephen Harper is a cruel man and will find pleasure in the suffering caused to BC people ,food or gas or hydro or exorbitant house payments paradox.People will go hunger to buy gas to drive to work.
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@Dave K.

From whence comes the electricity for your Nissan Leaf©?

How much do you make shilling for Nissan?
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Don't worry, the astronomical prices at our local gas pumps will be near free soon because we have, right here in our own country, a gazillion tons of oil that is being extracted.

Thank goodness for this God-given blessing right here in our backyard to rescue us. And thank you big oil execs for always looking out for us.
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According to the Tesla salesperson I talked to in Vancouver, Tesla is building superchargers in BC right now. The first one in Squamish for the Whistler crowd, the second one in Hope for the interior drive.

So if you can get to Hope, you can get to Kamloops.

EVs are the way forward. Hydrogen fuel cell is a ways off, and hybrids still burn gas, just a bit less. BC has amazing opportunities in emissions-free energy production, I hope some smart investors are doing something right now.
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