Pride online: Easter eggs on Google and Twitter

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As Pride has kicked off across North America, social media companies have gotten their rainbow game on too.

Google is back with a few Easter eggs.

As in previous years, if you run a search for the terms "gay", "lesbian", "Pride", "marriage equality", or several other queer-related terms, you'll find a fancy schmancy rainbow banner headlining your search results.

But if you open up a spreadsheet in Google Docs and type out the letters PRIDE (with one letter per column from A1 to E1), the spreadsheet will transform into a rainbow of fruit flavours! Whee!

Meanwhile, if you hashtag "pride" on Twitter, you'll find a nifty little rainbow flag showing up after you tweet it.

(Country flags are appearing when you hashtag World Cup countries, but hopefully they'll have one for #Canada on Canada Day…)

Happy Pride to all!

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