Sarah Blyth says park board is for the rich, old, or childless

According to the City of Vancouver website, the seven elected park board commissioners "set the vision and policy that guides the Board's services and programs".

As well, the park board "listens to residents and acts as their voice to ensure that Vancouver parks and recreation remain accessible and sustainable".

For doing this job, each commissioner is paid $8,000 and allowed $4,000 in expenses per year. For the park board chair, the stipend is $10,000 and the expense allowance is $5,000.

It appears that after two terms on the board, including a stint as chair, Vision Vancouver park commissioner Sarah Blyth, who is not seeking reelection, feels that a few requirements were left out of the job description.

In contrast, NPA park commissioner Melissa De Genova doesn't seem to think any barriers exist to people holding down a park board commish job.

However, the last I heard, De Genova was gunning for a seat on council, where they make $67,994 per year.

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I live with my husband in Gastown, our sons are now adults.
There are no visible children in this neighborhood ,
As a matter of fact if I see a family downtown
They are from somewhere else, ridiculous real
Estate prices have push our children to the suburbs
It's a surreal , I don't like it.
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Armchair Politics
I just think Sarah Blyth is awesome, say it sistah!

Melissa DeGenova, keep your smug BS to yourself. The world doesn't need anymore women bashing other women who are brave enough to voice their opinion about the challenges for women, particularly young poor women, in politics. Prediction - that smug "#noexcuses" attitude is going to come back & bite you big time in the future.
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It's not a full time job being on the Parks Board is it? There are full time staff and workers who do the actual work of running and maintaining the Parks.
How long does it take to "set the vision and policy"?
How often does the Board meet? What are the other duties?
It's hard to know if the money paid is adequate or not without more info.

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Lynn Arychuk
Perhaps the Park Board Commissioner's role could be examined and compared with similar roles to see if the compensation is fair. It might be a useful exercise, if not conducted in the last 5 years or so. It would be best if there were a representative pool of candidates to choose from.
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Page Turner
There are CHILDREN right on your block, Beatriz, in a co op filled with them. And you know it. Lying does not help the cause for equality even if those who oppose equal rights succeed due to their lies, or perhaps especially because they do,

Yes, high real estate prices are driving families out of downtown and keeping them away. That part IS the truth.
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Free Me Too!
Well she does think she can commune with dolphins and whales as well. So yeah she's got that going for her.
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