Charles Lamoureux posts another Vancouver UFO sighting on YouTube

Vancouver's self-described avid skywatcher, Charles Lamoureux, has posted another video on YouTube about unidentified flying objects.

The amateur astronomer wrote that they were captured with Luna Optics night vision mostly on June 30 and July 1.

He claims that none of the moving objects in the video were listed as satellites.

Lamoureux wrote the following message on YouTube: "Watch all as there are fainter UFOs captured, the skies were very active and this is just small example what was flying around the skies, some I missed recording and some very similar to these..the last fast zooming UFO and Orb was the best!!"

Earlier this year, he posted a CTV news story on his YouTube about the frequency of UFO sightings in Vancouver.

"Why would they not come here?" Lamoureux told CTV. "We have a beautiful planet."

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Is this guy for real? First of all, how does he know that none of the objects he's tracking are satellites? (He says they're not NASA, but there are many non-NASA satellites.) There are several thousand, most not in use. His closed-mindedness in labelling every moving thing he sees a "UFO" or, amusingly, an "orb" is discouraging. There are so many possible explanations for these things that don't involve aliens. Birds? Flies? Lots of possibilities, if one is open-minded: the chances of these things being some kind of interstellar craft is indistinguishable from zero.
Rating: -5
Ok the first looked exactly like satellites....the second red UFO is clearly balloons.....really...
Rating: -3
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