Mayor Gregor Robertson separates from his wife Amy

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife Amy issued the following statement today:

"As people close to our family are aware, we recently agreed to separate. This is a personal and private matter for our family, and contrary to false rumours being spread online, it is a mutual decision that we made amicably and together. We appreciate understanding and privacy, especially for our kids."

Less than an hour after the mayor's office notified the media, Vision Vancouver issued a news release condemning the rival NPA for "spreading false rumours and personal attacks" on Robertson and his family.

Vision pointed to a June 16 email written by NPA vice president Rob Macdonald to the mayor and Coun. Geoff Meggs. The email made allegations about the circumstances surrounding the couple's separation.

Vision's communications manager, Marcella Munro, has called on the NPA's "presumptive Mayoral candidate", Kirk LaPointe, to "explain how this disappointing campaign of personal attacks represents the NPA".

Amy Robertson is known as the Bicycling Doula.

The mayor has said that one of the most influential events in his life was an 18-month sailing journey that he and Amy took across the Pacific Ocean more than 20 years ago. It was described in a 2009 Straight article by Daniel Wood.

They have four children, including one foster son.

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Gee. Rob MacDonald and Mike Magee don't seem to like each other very much, either. :-) This tit for tat amongst the big dogs does get tiresome.

Mike Magee has a bit of a rep of his own. I understand many journalsits have felt his ire.

What about that, Charlie?
Rating: +7
I really like our Mayor. This is NOT our buisness.
Rating: -10
Typical straight tabloid garbage. What is this.. TMZ? Leave them alone. It's none of your business what happens in somebody's private life.
Rating: -24
The only party that releases a story on a Saturday afternoon is the party that wants the story buried. Blaming the NPA is rich. Vision wanted this to come out before the election but after their nomination. Rob MacDonald unfortunately provided them with the needed scapegoat by sending a personal letter to the mayor.
Rating: +9
Linkin Park
Let's hear all the dirty details! If the media camps outside Rob Ford's house 24/7 why aren't they doing the same for their Komrade Gregor?
Rating: +9
This must be a very difficult time for Gregor, Amy and family. I know it is naive to think this isn't already becoming political fodder, but I wish them all well in this time of transition. I also hope people consider what it is like to have one's family fall apart and offer them respect and dignity at this time.
Rating: +10
To hmmmm:...... Your response to the Robertson's personal dilemma is rather unfortunate but highly predictable.
Gregor Robertson is a fairly high profile mayor.
Is anyone surprised that the media picked up on the 'story' very quickly?
If you care to read the text of your letter, you will discover that you have contradicted yourself.
Rating: -12
Silly Season
The mayor can't even pass gas without using it as an opportunity to attack his political opposition. Desperate and afraid much?

And yes, who has 5 kids and separates unless there are circumstances that might reflect on his character? Trying to sweep this under the rug and attacking the political opposition (for a private communication) is something of a red flag.
Rating: +6
The entire text of the June 16 email from Rob MacDonald was published on another blog. It includes an allegation that Mayor Robertson contacted Vancouver Sun reporter Jeff Lee to "suppress the story". Both the Province and the Sun omit any reference to this which is troubling. Perhaps the Straight can examine this aspect of the story.

Rating: +18
If it was a personal letter to the Mayor, how is it a part of the NPA campaign? It'd be different if it was a public letter but it wasn't; the only person making it public is the Mayor and Vision. This doesn't pass the smell test.
Rating: +28
I suppose they'll need separate bike lanes now. Oh, wait, they already have that with the 'really crucial' bike lane going in a block from the new Kits house and downtown is already covered probably right to the mayor's door. It was mutual alright, mutually beneficial as usual for the select in Vancouver. This is called 'city planning' kids. Speaking of kids, wonder if he will be adding to the 'density' of the city with someone new.
Rating: +1
Come out already, Greggy. We need your support. Gated knows we've been supporting you all these years.
Rating: -5
D. Zaster
The mayor's separation press release is followed an hour later by his party's attack on the political opposition for a bit of mild innuendo in a private letter. The latter, we are told, is an unconscionable piece of NPA character assassination.

The Mayor doth protest far too much. You'd think, if he really cared about his family's privacy, which he claims to be so important at this difficult time, he'd refrain from using the acknowledgement of their distress as an occasion to go after the NPA. He couldn't give politics even a day's rest.
Rating: +10
It is time that mayor moonbeam come out of the closet. Tight bicycle shorts and all!
Rating: -19
Seperated And Healthy
Happy to see this high profile couple is brave enough to take charge of their lives. Tells me that the Mayor is an emotionally healthy evolved guy. Congrats to them both for self actualizing! They represent mine and many other fearless modern Vancouver families.
Rating: -34
private vs. public
It is very sad and painful when anyone married officially separates. Even more so in view of the public. This couple and their family deserves the same respect and privacy as any other couple and family separation. Just because they are in the public spotlight doesn't make them any less human. Show some compassion and respect. Their private life is none of our business. It's been made public even though this is very private.
Rating: +5
What is there to like about this fake environmentalist and street people lover? He's just cleaning up the scum in east van for his developer buddies to make a killing, naïve fool.
Rating: 0

For the self-professed "healthy evolved" "self actualizing" set, those into "self improvement", it's funny how the key word always seems to be "self".
Rating: +7
Tommy Khang
So with all the politicking going on with the two big parties Vision and the NPA, and COPE seemingly about to implode. Should we be prepared to welcome our new Cedar Party overlords?
Rating: -10
I hope Vancouver voters separate from him next!
Rating: +10


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