Homeless in Vancouver: Saturday's dog is parched

This dog I saw today didn’t have the slightest interest when I offered him money. Turns out he wasn’t panhandling. He was waiting for his owners to finish up in the restaurant.

In my defence, he was sitting by the entrance with a little dish in front of him and he was making puppy dog eyes at every passerby.

What was I supposed to think?

To keep anyone else from making the same mistake and trying to leave change in his dish, I filled it with water.

Which is how I found out he was really thirsty.

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Stanley,Stopped by your Macdonalds around 2 pm on the way to the Khatsahlano Festival.Looks like our favorite homeless person werent there judging by the abaence of a bike parked out front. Didnt see anyone with a camera either.
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