Archie dies saving pro-gun control gay friend

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      Archie Comics made waves when openly gay character Kevin Keller got married in a same-sex, interracial, military wedding.

      The progressive issue was protested by the conservative Christian lobby group One Million Moms, which only heightened media coverage and made the issue sell out (rather than removed from shelves as the protest campaign had intended).

      Now, it looks like the comic is following up with a similarly attention-grabbing issue: the death of Archie.

      And again, the character Kevin Keller is involved.

      The death was announced in April, with limited details.

      In contrast to many of the apolitical storylines of the Archie comics, Archie dies heroically in issue number 36 (released on July 16) of Life With Archie when he takes a bullet to prevent the murder of his friend Kevin, an openly gay politician who advocates gun control.

      Fans will be relieved to know that the Life With Archie series takes place in the future. Thus, the storylines of the never-aging teenage redhead (who debuted over 70 years ago) will continue on in other Archie comics.

      One Million Moms, for some mysterious reason, has not launched a campaign to protest this latest issue of Archie. 


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      Jul 16, 2014 at 9:51pm

      "Archie dies saving a Progressive's wet dream"

      Fixed the headline...

      Martin Dunphy

      Jul 16, 2014 at 9:56pm

      Kill a cash cow? Ha.
      He'll fall into a coma and miraculously pull through courtesy of stem-cell therapy.