Rob Ford lookalike raised money for Conservatives

This morning's Press Progress bulletin from the Broadbent Institute contained a zinger.

A day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of his cabinet were distancing themselves from suspended senator Mike Duffy, those pesky lefties decided to distribute a 2010 video of Old Duff asking for money on behalf of the Conservatives.

"Soon, Canadians will have to decide between a proven leader in Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a visiting professor in Michael Ignatieff," Duffy declares.

Duffy faces 31 criminal counts in connection with Senate expenses, contracts, and a $90,000 payment to him from Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

Through his lawyer, Duffy has denied any wrongdoing.

It's conceivable that his trial could occur during the 2015 federal-election campaign.

Wouldn't that be fun?

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