Alleged KKK membership leads to deputy police chief's resignation

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      This is the type of news story that will give jitters to people of colour in Florida.

      The Hatewatch blog has reported that two veteran cops—David Borst and George Hunnewell—are no longer with the Fruitland Park Police Department. It came after allegations that they're possibly members of the Ku Klux Klan.

      The chief, Terry Isaacs, told Hatewatch that the Borst and Hunnewell "emphatically deny" that they belong to the white-supremacist group.

      Borst, a former deputy chief, reportedly resigned, whereas Hunnewell, a corporal, was fired.

      Hatewatch noted that Isaacs was tipped off by the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement about the two officers' "possible membership" in the KKK.

      In 2009, an officer named James W. Elkins was fired from the same department after revelations that he was a KKK recruiter.

      “They knew I wasn’t the only one then," Elkins told Hatewatch. "They just swept it under the rug. I hope they don’t get away with doing it again.”

      Elkins revealed to Hatewatch that he's still a National Socialist, but no longer belongs to KKK.