Start your weekend at Pemberton Festival with a trip down the waterslide

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      It's 5 p.m. Friday night and so far the 2014 Pemberton Music Festival is running pretty damn smooth.

      The traffic getting in was people's number one complaint from the 2008 event (which was hosted by a different production company but is guaranteed to attract comparisons to the 2014 festival by Huka Entertainment anyway). I was there and can attest that we all did spend way too many hours stuck on highways from Sea to Sky and beyond. This year, I made it from downtown Vancouver to the on-site parking lot for campers in under two hours. Not bad. (Pemberton day trippers have to park in Whistler and shuttle from there.)

      After wandering around the massive festival site for an hour or so, not only am I not hearing people complain about the traffic, but everybody is sporting the kind of smiles that suggest they just used their buddy's tent to get laid. (Which, Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry just told us, definitely is happening).

      The one item you do hear a few grumbles about up here is the hike from the parking lot to the camping fields. But if you overheat a little on the trek in, Pemberton's got you covered.

      Just take a trip down the festival waterside. There's even a great view of the main stage from up there.