Imtiaz Popat seeks COPE nomination for park board

One of the Lower Mainland's better-known queer advocates, Imtiaz Popat, has declared that he hopes to get elected to the Vancouver park board this November.

Popat, who ran as a Green council candidate in Surrey in 2011, is seeking a COPE nomination in Vancouver.

Popat was a long-time host on Co-op Radio and has produced videos, founded a support group for LGBT Muslims, and been an environmental and antiwar activist.

He wants to help create a new Vancouver community centre modelled on 519 Church Street in Toronto. It offers programming for the LGBT community and new Canadians.

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Former coworker
Do not nominate Imtiaz Popat. He's a professional attention seeker and time-suck. Chaos and dysfunction follow wherever he goes.
Rating: -1
Not to mention, that Imtiaz is a Surrey resident. Would be kinda nice to have someone who actually lives in Vancouver and doesn't have to take Skytrain into town to, y'know, sit on Vancouver Park Board.
Rating: +2
I've known Imtiaz has been a committed and passionate activist for decades in Vancouver. He has built bridges to communities throughout the lower mainland, and that's a good thing.
Rating: -4
Imtiaz Popat
Yes Charles I am looking after my folk is Surrey right now but, I have live most of life Vancouver. Not sure about who the anonymous coworker is, but my endorsers and supporters will tell you of all my positive accomplishments with any organization I have worked including my work with COPE.
Rating: -6
Stuart Parker
Imtiaz represents exactly the direction COPE is heading. I can think of no better representative for the party.
Rating: -5
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