J.J. Abrams reveals Star Wars Episode VII X-wing fighter

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      This morning the Internet—or at least the part of it populated by unrepentant nerds—is abuzz over the latest video uploaded to the official Star Wars YouTube channel. In it, Episode VII writer-director J.J. Abrams gives a final pitch for the Force for Change campaign, which raises funds for UNICEF and will give one lucky donor the chance to be in the latest Star Wars flick. (Almost certainly as an extra; you're not winning a chance to play Anakin Solo here.)

      More importantly (some would say), as Abrams speaks, the camera pulls back to reveal that he's standing in front of a life-size prop of a starfighter. In response to fan speculation that this might be a Z-95 Headhunter, as seen on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the folks who operate SW's Twitter account tweeted that it is indeed an X-wing.

      Keen observers will note that, although there only appear to be two wings on the fighter, there are two laser cannons at each end, which would indicate that there are actually four wings, or foils; this X-wing just happens to be in "closed" position. As for why this fighter appears to have only two thrust engines instead of four (which is something only a true geek would wonder about), suffice to say that this version of the X-wing is closer in design to Ralph McQuarrie's original 1970s concept art than anything that has appeared on-screen in the past:

      Ralph McQuarrie / Lucasfilm

      Star Wars Episode VII: Enter Subtitle Here is scheduled to hit theatres in December of 2015.