Epic table tennis rally at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

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      Let’s face it, nobody outside of the U.K. is paying all that much attention to the Commonwealth Games—which are taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, currently, by the way.

      And of the 17 sports that are part of the competition, table tennis is probably low on your radar. (Lawn bowling is likely also low on the excite-o-metre.)

      Therefore, we all missed this rather epic little bit of ping-pong when Singapore faced Nigeria in the men’s team semi-finals on July 27.

      In the first round, Singapore’s Gao Ning—the 12th best ping-ponger in the world—played Segun Toriola, ranked somewhere past the 150th mark. Looks like confidence got the best of Ning because Toriola managed to give him a little scare.

      Don’t take your eyes off the ball in this 41-shot rally.

      Ning eventually won the match, and the following day, Singapore went on to win the gold medal in the table tennis men’s team final against England. Nigeria picked up the bronze.