Homeless in Vancouver: Firebird for a hot day

Johnny Carson: “It was so hot today…”

Audience: “How hot was it?”

Johnny: “It was so hot today…that even the chalk art on the sidewalks was well done!”

[Audience laughter. Drum roll from band. Ed McMahon coughs. Cut to commercial.]

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Gary Adelson
Hi Stanley,

I stumbled onto your blog and enjoy your observations and writing style!

Where would I find you on any given weekday - I'd like to buy you lunch and chat if possible?


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Stanley Q Woodvine

Weekdays, by 8 a.m., I'm usually breakfasting at McDonald's in the 1400 block W. Broadway around the southeast corner from S. Granville.

Don't mind telling everyone in the world because I thought they already knew.
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