Homeless in Vancouver: Ringing down the curtain on another fine day

August started big.

Yesterday’s sunset was awesomely colourful. Even at street level in Fairview where you technically can’t even see sunsets, it was a sight.

The city of Vancouver is apparently sparing no expense this summer. That sunset was clearly presented in high definition and, if I’m not mistaken, “Real 3D”.

A good night to get high in Fairview

The three photos above are from a friend of mine who caught the August 1 sunset from the roof of one of Fairview’s taller buildings. Pretty good huh?

This is a big improvement over the recessionary summer of 1991 when we all had to tighten our belts and many of the sunsets were, as far as I recall, only in 8-bit colour—and you could see the pixels.

Tonight, the three-night Honda Celebration of Light fireworks competition will wrap up in English Bay with a team from Japan.

Technically, the Japanese fireworks masters are competing with the previous two teams—France and the USA—but if tonight’s sunset is anything like last night’s, then the Japanese have their work cut out for them.

There are fireworks and then there are fireworks.

Good luck Japan but if nature decides to play, we all know who will win.

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