Pride 2014: Justin Trudeau marches in Vancouver Pride parade

Before the Pride parade, I was walking up Thurlow Street toward Nelson when I spotted a bunch of photographers clicking images.

What could all this commotion be about?

It turned out to be Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

He was meandering around unescorted, mingling with the crowd and having his photo taken with anyone who asked.

Somehow, I doubt we will ever see Prime Minister Stephen Harper doing anything like that, particularly at a Pride festival.

Justin Trudeau shows his allegience to the LGBT community.
Charlie Smith

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nancy richardson
Charlie -
Thanks for this re: sighting Justin. I was on Thurlow too near Robson half an hour before the start of the parade; then watched the whole thing along Robson, Denman and through to the end at Beach. I didn't actually see Justin in the parade. Wondering if he was in for the entire event or ? Just asking. I had no trouble catching sight of Kirk Lapointe with the NPA float though - he was gamely walking alongside, sweating profusely, sorta dancing and throwing out purple Pride beads to the crowd. Kudos to Kirk for manfully braving the entire route and even looking like he was enjoying it. I'm leaning Kirk now for Mayor just based on that performance.
Thanks for this
Nancy Richardson
Rating: -12
Justin case it gets me votes
Your caption says he's showing his allegiance to the LGBT community. Is that so, or is he just showing his dedication to locking in additional votes to become Canada's PM? I do hope it's both and not just the latter. Or perhaps he wanted to hook up with Gregor Robertson...
Rating: -12
w morkin
this is news worthy??
Rating: -33
He is simply the best!
Rating: +2
jack klassen
I was wondering where the dear boy was? I thought that perhaps the Liberal Party had him locked up in a closet with duct tape wrapped around his mouth. Wouldn't want any stupid comments on the Gaza war!
Rating: -7
If you apply your vote to whomever "performs" well at Pride, Gregor spoke and cheered with the crowds while with both the City of Vancouver's float, as well as the Vision crowd who were just a few spots ahead of Kirk. This is Gregor's third major Pride event in seven days, too.
Rating: -1
Yes was in the entire parade. He got a great reception where I was standing at Beach and Bidwell.
Rating: +15
That photograph is FABULOUS.
Rating: +2
He walked by within 3 feet of my family today, midway down Denman, seemingly unescorted. but i think that would be naive to believe. his security detail did well blending in. Looked like he was truly enjoying himself, as did everyone today :)
Rating: +20
Ben Sili
Funny his allegiance to the LGBT community is... a photo where he is surrounded by women! Oh well, since he has some of his father's charm. Really Charlie...
Rating: +12
Took a photo with him. He was very engaging with the crowd.
Rating: -3
I'd say Justin's allegiance to the LGBT community is pretty solid. It's not something he's doing just for votes, but something he actually believes in. He represents a Montreal riding and has been doing the parades there for years, as well as Toronto. And Justin's finance critic in Parliament, Scott Brison, is openly gay.
Rating: -1
Simple electioneering. I went to the rally at Douglas Park today (Monday August 4), hoping to hear something convincing come from Mr Trudeau's mouth. Nothing. Just vague political platitudes and double-speak. Saying everything the awe-struck party faithful wanted to hear but nothing to convince me that the Liberals are the best choice in 2015. I felt let down and truly disappointed in his total snubbing of the Gaza protesters, who I honour for their presence. Harper has to go, yes, and I will be voting Liberal in the next election, but Justin, one hot-dog and no substance does NOT buy you my loyalty.
Rating: +4
I will not be voting for this pro-islamist, communist-sympathizing limousine liberal.
Rating: -2
jack klassen
Paul you should be happy if you got a fucking hot-dog.
Rating: +5
jack klassen
Oh dear! Before his hair was so pretty, now I just don't know. Oh well I'm sure it will grow back. I sure hope so, cause I just love his curly locks.
Rating: +6
andrew ryan
Charlie, why don't you do some real reporting and find out what justin has done to uphold his pledge of open nominations? maybe you'll discover that all he's done is practice old school back room politics and disenfranchise tons of people in North and west van, as well as in granville where he refused to let anyone run against his favoured candidate.
Rating: +12
Has Wonder Boy finished expunging the Liberal Party of Canada caucus of its social conservative rump yet or are we all just expected to forget three decades of Liberal sellouts of the various progressive communities ?

Seems people forget that when it comes to marijuana, LGBT rights, the environment, and protecting public funded Medicare and national security certificates, Justin's inner circle of advisers contains many of the same backroom Liberals that voted against all those things less than ten years ago.

Maybe if he had spent some of the last decade criticizing the failures of the party he now wants to lead, I wouldn't see him as a silver spoon opportunist willing to tell progressives whatever they want to hear to get elected.

A charismatic Liberal with good hair is still a Liberal, and a charismatic Liberal surrounded by old guard conservative Liberals will govern that way.

Rating: +9
at I suppose he has the qualifications and experience to walk in a parade
Rating: +8

Interesting points, but I got the impression that JT is the embodiment of the youth wing of the Libs rather than what one might call its regressive side.

Anyway, what have the Libs ever been about? Unlike the CCF/NDP and the Conservative Reform Alliance Party, the Libs have never had a discernible ideology - what they stand for is looking at the polls and then semi-promising to do that thing. They are gutless, appeasing centrists, therefore truly the natural ruling party of Canada.
Rating: +4
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