Video: Vision Proud

Vision Vancouver has released a new rapid-fire video reflecting its support for the LGBT community.

I was amused by the use of newspaper headlines to reinforce its message.

Five publications appeared in the one-minute video, including the Georgia Straight.

But none of Glacier Media's three local newspapers made the cut.

It's probably a coincidence that Glacier's head of B.C. operations is on the board of the rival NPA.

Vision couldn't be that mean-spirited, could it?

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Say what you like about Vision, they really have delivered for the gay community.
Rating: -33
Great video, thanks for posting.
Rating: -33
Christine, I'm not sure I would call attempting to turn Davie Village and the West End into an overpriced Coal Harbour luxury resort, and driving the GBLT community out as "delivering for the gay community." As far as I can tell the only groups Vision has delivered for are developers and cyclists (emphasis on the developers)
Rating: +40
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