Squamish Valley Music Festival Band of the Day: MGH!

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      One of Vancouver’s most enduring movers and shakers, MGH! wears many hats, including curator at the brand-spanking-new and totally awesome #‎303COLUMBIA, talent buyer, and, of course in-demand DJ whose Glory Days night at the Biltmore on Saturday is one of the greatest parties you’ll ever attend.

      Sea-to-Sky playlist

      Needles//Pins “What’s His Face” #Vancouver’s NEEDLES//PINS new album Shambirds is beyond A+ and “What’s His Face” is on repeat to death. Instant Classic. Doh.

      Antwon “Cold Tears” = Biggie vocal flashbacks + Matrixxman #RuffRyders’esque production = #NotBasic

      Drake “0 to 100” Because Drake Because Drakes admits he is on his “LIL MOUSE DRILL SH*T” (will b 1st song in ma set because #Millenials

      DJ Dodger Stadium “Love Songs” Samo Sound Boy x Jerome Lol x “Lately I’ve Been Singing Love Songs By Myself” is most unforgettable house lyric of 2014 and it is a bone for old people who remember the Crydamoure/Roule catalogue

      Mac Demarco “Chamber of Reflection” ex #Vancouver’ite Mac Demarco and current #Vancouver’ites Needles//Pins tied for writing best album of 2014 and Mac’s garage-sale organ usage is Brian Wilson’esque

      Outdoor essentials

      Tight black 511 Jeans & Sunglasses & Cash & Solid Data Plan

      I would love to hang with

      All My IRL & URL #Vancouver Friends

      (cc: #Livenation i need mo VIPz)

      First festival experience

      Um i think it was seeing Outkast and New Order and Moby’s #BasicFest—I was so dumb i didn’t understand the depth of New Order and I crowd-surfed to Outkast I think because I was skinny then and I distinctly remember we left when Moby played his first song. (insert snore emoji)

      As stellar as this year’s Squamish bill is, what’s your Fantasy Fest line-up?

      • Bruce Springsteen B2B Phil Collins B2B Basement Jaxx live set +
      • Arthur Russell
      • DJ Mehdi
      • Ladyhawk
      • Crass
      • Cro-Mags
      • Marc Bolan
      • T Rex
      • Vybz Kartel (#FreeVybz)
      • The Organ
      • Young Thug
      • Slick Rick
      • Twin Crystals
      • The Knife
      • Ali Hassan Kuban
      • Dizzee Rascal
      • Glass Candy
      • Beyonce
      • Neil Young
      • The Dream
      • Dipset
      • Charles Bradley
      • Needles//Pins
      • The Very Best
      • R. Kelly
      • Erykah Badu
      • ESG
      • DJ Funk
      • All the Mad Decent Ravers and Daft Punk and Nirvana B2B Hole live set and it is free admission and free drinks for everyone even the underage people and young children because it isn’t real

      What’s your official rider request

      I honestly asked not to get paid and if they could just use that money for smoke machines and live visuals and fly girls to teach u dance moves that don’t rhyme with the word #HarlemShake

      Trivia time: What’s Squamish’s official slogan?


      The Squamish Valley Music Festival takes place at Hendrickson Fields & Logger Sports Ground. Quick—what’s your favourite logger sport?

      Smoking trees (sorry mom. It was a set up question and I think this only going on the Internet so no one will see this)

       MGH! plays the Squamish Valley Music Festival’s Blueprint Arena on Saturday, August 9. 


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      Aug 7, 2014 at 9:34pm

      Let's do a little basic math. The Squamish Festival is cashless. If you want to purchase ANYTHING on site you have to load up a wireless chip wristband. It costs $5 to load the wristband each time. And it costs $5 to reclaim any unspent $$$. With 30,000 people, the festival automatically makes $300,000 without lifting a finger. Just wait until the system breaks down (most systems set up temporarily do break down). All heck will break loose. I guess the cash system that has worked for hundreds of years isn't good enough for Live Nation. The word of the day is SCAM!!!