Os Gemeos to turn Ocean Concrete silos into ginormous public art

Os Gemeos, the Brazilian graffiti-art twins who are getting up there with Banksy in terms of international renown, are turning the grey Ocean Concrete silos on Granville Island into massive pillars of public art.

But first, the Vancouver Biennale says it needs to raise $125,000 to complete the project through an indiegogo campaign.

The idea appears to be getting the public to fund public art through non-massive donations.

In a press statement, the biennale says the project would have easily surpassed the million-dollar mark if it hadn't been for the generosity of the artists, the concrete manufacturer, and others in pulling the project together.

Os Gemeos has shown everywhere from the Tate Modern in London to L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art to Art Basel Miami.

The twins got their names with their murals in their home city of Sao Paulo, which integrated both hip-hop and Brazilian cultural signatures. 

Look for completion in early September, if all goes as planned and the money comes through. In all, the project is a pretty damn big deal, in more ways than one.

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Mark Desjardins
This urban art project is going to put Vancouver, B.C. on the world mural map!
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