Stop for some incredible rock on the way up to the Squamish Valley Music Festival

Holy fucking-there is rock, and then there is the most incredible rock I have ever seen. On that latter front, let's just say that, in the spirit of AC/DC, we salute you.

The rock in question isn't at the Squamish Valley Music Festival. Instead it's what you'll see after forking out $35 bucks for a ride on the new Sea-to-Sky gondola. After disembarking you hike down a trail where you'll get a great arial view of the rock, also know as the Squamish Chief. Think of it as a way to calm yourself before the mayhem of Day 2 of the weekend's biggest cultural event gets revved up.

Off in the distance you'll also see the Squamish Valley Music Festival stages and tents.

On the rock front, they've got some competition.

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Jennifer Steel
Beautiful British Columbia!

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Why do you have to swear?
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