Stuck on a SkyTrain? Touch a door and transit cops will bust your ass

Remember when impatient and stranded transit passengers forced open SkyTrain doors last month during some lengthy shutdowns?

They jumped down and walked along the guideways to the nearest stations in several instances.

If it happens again, though, you may want to resist the temptation to get to work or home a little quicker: transit police might be waiting to write you $230 worth of tickets.

We're not sure why anyone would want to reenact the trestle scene from Stand By Me in the first place. Why take a chance of slipping onto a 600-volt power rail and ending up like the dead guy those movie kids were looking for?

In a news release today (August 11), Metro Vancouver Transit Police warned that because of recent incidents where passengers have forced doors open "and entered the guideway after a delay of only a few seconds on isolated trains....every incident of this nature will be investigated".

The release goes on to state that offenders "may be ticketed under two provincial violations:

Interfere with the operation of a transit vehicle $115.00 

Prevent or delay the closing of a transit vehicle door $115.00".

Furthermore, if it is a repeat offence or it is determined that there was a "serious threat to public safety" or the culprit(s) caused "significant damage", a criminal charge of public mischief could be tacked on.

Oh, yeah, and they want you to rat out anyone you see doing this.

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Quite the outfit, our Translink. Waste tons of money on useless shit, like transit cops, but don't spend it on keeping the system operating properly. No wonder people refuse to give up driving!
Rating: +20
david taylor
Maybe people should take something to work that doesnt break down, isnt run by computer, and doesnt lock you up when it stalls.

Its called a car.
Rating: +1
Anthony Martin
Wouldn't common sense point you to remain in a safe location instead of trying to navigate a dangerous electrified area? There is communication inside every train car. Don't be stupid ! This is not Siberia. It may take time for help to arrive but rather that than toast yourself on high voltage or slip off the tracks. Use your phone to send an emergency message, surely most riders have a cell phone. Real responsible human beings are monitoring the system not monkeys.
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The transit police can kiss my ass... a combination of claustrophobia and heat would have me out of those doors in no time. Plus, when the train is down the power to the rails is off. Maybe if we had something besides the half-assed, uncomfortable 'trains' we have now, this wouldn't be a problem.
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I read somewhere that the reason the whole system was shut down (not just a few isolated sections) was because people were forcing the doors and walking on the tracks. They had to shut down the power everywhere for safety reasons.
If that's true, then the actions of a few people caused a huge delay for everyone. (If it's true.)
Rating: +13
Is this seriously what passes for journalism these days? using phrases like "bust your ass" and "rat out"?
My how far we've fallen from well crafted writing to short-hand slang-filled drivel.
Rating: +19
yes, the trains stop and then start again after a few minutes but people have been stung with much longer shutdowns. don't blame the people for setting themselves free. the doors & evacuation should happen after a set time, what is reasonable? 15 minutes? half an hour? an hour?? you can bet your ass i'll be breaking out after 15 minutes. it's illegal to hold people hostage and that's exactly what transtink is doing to people locked up in their cars. disgraceful!
Rating: +6
Martin Dunphy

Sorry, I've only been speaking Blog for a few years.

Bruno: "when the train is down the power to the rails is off." Didn't Jurassic Park teach you anything?
Rating: +2
david taylor
"Maybe people should take something to work that doesnt break down, isnt run by computer, and doesnt lock you up when it stalls.

Its called a car."

I really hope you are being sarcastic

Cars don't break down?

Then there are a lot of mechanics and tow companies losing lots of money by operating their businesses.

Cars are not run by computers?

Unless your car is/was thirty years old and up, yeah, they do. There isn't a gnome doing fuel/air mix ratio calculations for differing engine loads under your hood operating your electronic fuel injectors.

Cars don't "lock you up" when they stall ?

Apparently you have never tried using power steering, power windows, or power door locks when you have lost all electrical power.

Rating: +4
Sociopaths who like to make other people miserable are opening the doors and this is news?
Rating: -6
Where's Translink's Responsibility?
If commuters must remain locked inside the cars during system outages, Translink has a responsibility to:

- have air conditioning and ensure the temperature is not excessively hot/cold if the wait is anything beyond a few minutes,
- have a working and clear communication system and give timely updates to passengers - none of this Peanuts teacher garble along with a repeated 'just a few more minutes' message,
- provide some kind of compensation to the people actually affected, not the holiday commuters who don't buy monthly passes.

Asking people to stand for an unknown time in a metal sauna on a hot day is total crap - or as they say at Translink, normal customer service.
Rating: +27
Oh, that's rich...

The 'authorities' have lost all reliability and credibility. If a child were left in a car on a hot day, we would get that child out picture a car full of frigging quickly would that car heat up then? No, that's why they have emergency exits, and that's why we have a free will.

If they want to charge passengers with petty things such as these, then the passengers should counter-charge that Translink needlessly and recklessly endangered the lives of its passengers. What is the point of these regulations but to save some money on subsequent repairs. How much will it cost them if someone dies of hyperthermia?

Add to this the recent actions aboard the Korean cruise ship that sank this summer...the crew advised the passengers to stay in their rooms.

No, we cannot rely on others to safeguard our own personal well-being...especially not the management of the companies that profit off of us using their product.
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Hey tough-guy transit police.

Next time this sort of thing happens, take your guns and storm the offices of Translink executives and tell them to get their shit together.

That's it. thanks.
Rating: +6
Transit cops just looking to seem like their work is important, and worth the $75,000 to $100,000+ salary they are paid.
Rating: +2
What, translink can't fix the problem
I expected to hear Translink had it under control not that they were putting the pot belly force on it.
Rating: +3
Ryan W
Couldn't TransLink put attendants on board? No? Yes? I'd say yes and not doing so is negligece on the part of TransLink which has had too warnings with its recent disasters. The third could turn deadly.

What good are the transit police off the trains? It really seems to me that they belong on the trains and it isn't too much for them to learn to drive the trains to the stations when they fail.
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Anyone who needs to think they are the most important person in the world needs to know that they must get out of a technologically advanced vehicle at a whimsically inconvenient time , should. bs I say.
Rating: +1
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