Buy Joe Strummer’s 1963 Thunderbird

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      While we all sit here pondering whether or not Sid Vicious would drive an Acura (answer: yes, into a wall), let there be no such speculation about Joe Strummer. That man drove a fucking 1963 Chalfont Blue Ford Thunderbird, as God intended. How do we know? Cause it’s for sale, here, courtesy of the Beverly Hills Car Club.

      Strummer purchased his ride for $4200 when he was living in LA in ’87, and then he drove that baby straight to Hell. Or rather, he drove his kids around on various family outings. According to the vendor, Strummer also took his T-Bird to a screening of Mystery Train at the 1988 Santa Fe film festival, which is why you see the great clip below.

      The auction begins today (August 11) and ends on the Clash frontman’s birthday, August 21. (He would have been 62.)