Fucked up video game lets you slaughter your fellow SkyTrain riders

Sure, rush hour on the SkyTrain is almost unbearable. But it's not so bad that anyone should feel the need to gun down their fellow transit riders.

Enter Main Street Massacre, which turns this unthinkable scenario into a video-game experience. Your character is a construction worker pissed off after a "horrible, crappy day at work" and now dealing with the "fucked up" SkyTrain.

First he pulls out a hammer, then a crowbar, then a power drill, and finally a gun. That's where you come in.

Playing Main Street Massacre is simple.

Watched by TransLink staff via surveillance cameras, your mission is to kill every last person on the Main Street-Science World Station platform. Many of them are waving smartphones, so they deserve it, right?

After you max out the body count, it's on to the station stairs. Then it's on to the concourse level, where you leave behind even more blood.

In the next level, there's no blood, just flame. You train your gun on fare machines and those nonfunctional Compass gates.

Blast those Compass fare gates.

How does it all end? The construction worker aims his gun at you and fires. The credits roll, and Wildman Industries asks you to support the game by leaving a tip.

I'm sure Metro Vancouver Transit Police are going to be happy to see this one.

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What's a "check"?... must be made by an american.
Rating: +14
Horrible game.
Rating: +6
Pure gold. The makers of this game will be making millions in no time.
Rating: -8
My cock could write better code than this 'game'. I would ask who bankrolled it but I can fathom that the budget was a case of beer or empties even, I sense the BC automobile dealers association or some other public transit hating organization.
Rating: +11
That video game looks like another boring same old 'song & dance' created by game designers & programmers that lack creativity and originality.
Rating: +3
Good one
So sick.
Rating: -6
It looks like it was made during a company Hackathon in one of the many start-up software development companies popping up in Vancouver. The industry revolves around young men who have been kept in a state of arrested puberty, to maximize their programming creativity. I've witnessed the results of these hackathons and believe me, this is mild. Needless to say, compassion is not welcome.
Rating: +6
The programmer of this game is only slightly more incompetent than a "journalist" who feels the need to drop f-bombs in the title of his article. A real journalist would have at least tried to get an opinion from Transit police instead of wondering aloud what they might think. Straight blogs should be published in Comic Sans so people know not to treat them as though they are actual news articles written by adults.

The gameplay is handheld LCD pocket game quality (in other words laughably bad). The graphics are just as bad. The cutscenes are worse. The fact that this even received a mention in the news is silly.
Rating: +14
Travis - they don't hire journalists here, just hip, edgy commentators. Talking to a transit cop would involve getting up from their chair, and who cares what transit cops have to say anyways since they are all fascist pigs.
Rating: -2
Miranda Nelson
Hi folks,

We covered TransLink's response here: http://www.straight.com/blogra/706921/translink-not-happy-about-main-str...

It's pretty difficult to get someone for an interview at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday.
Rating: +4
Geordie Birch
A shooting game. How novel. Great scoop!
Rating: -5
erm, this is really it??? after all the hype i was hearing, expecting something else... I dont even know why this is a story.
Rating: 0
Transit is honestly garbage in this city though.

Wins award for wasteful government spending.

Increases prices, decreases service and still wants people to utilize transit more.

CEO takes a pay raise.

Those silly turnstyles that aren't going to keep people out - look at Toronto in the 1990's experiment with them. I'll save you some time - it failed.

I admit this game is quite extreme, but it's time to seriously get some forums open on the inefficiency of Translink's management.
Rating: +15
Bill kiiam
Why the anger? This is an artist expressing themself.
On Lonsdale in North Vancouver city hall put up this art of torsos cut in half which is scaring children
Rating: -1
Rather than a tip, wildman, I'll just offer my own unsolicited suggestion
Shove it up your ass.
I don't particularly see any redeeming value in fantasy violence as a source of entertainment, but even given that, this horseshit crosses the line.
Rating: -4
F'd up malt liquor.
The game is bad but is swearing in your title is a good thing??
Rating: -5
Separating fact from fantasy isn't possible to some people. This game will give ideas to a segment of population..we're just lucky guns are less convenient around here than south of 49.
Rating: -7
Its funny how so many people in Vancouver complain about their transit system, once you've traveled Canada and used other cities systems, you'll quickly realize how amazing Vancouver's transit system really is!
Rating: -12
Martin Dunphy

Not when you wait an average of five to 12 minutes for a bus in Toronto or Montreal and 20 to 30 minutes here, unless it's rush hour or the #135 or #99.
Rating: +2
That's Why I Also Own A Car
Transit in Vancouver IS ass.

Sure, maybe it's Freaking Awesome compared to whatever system is in Pekin, Illinois, or Kaberamaido, Uganda. But take the subways and buses in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or even Toronto, you'll very quickly realize how far behind we are. It's undeniable.

That said: all the times I've waited in line in the rain/snow, or had to de-board a bus that suddenly crapped out, or had unexpected delays in my journey, or witnessed douche-baggery or other crap on a bus or Skytrain, I never once thought of MASS MURDER.

How does the THOUGHT of killing innocent people somehow relieve frustrations or, you know, improve transit times? And then what kind of a person spends hours creating a game based on that thought?
Rating: 0
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